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The Customer Journey & Lead Funnel

About The PURCHASE Level Channels 30-39

PURCHASE LEVEL - Customer is examining details and then making a decision.

People who are ready to make a purchase are aware of their problem, aware that there are solutions out there, and are ready to make a decision.  They will make the decision based on a wide range of factors, some practical, some purely emotional.  If they are in YOUR lead funnel, it means that they know about you, and are checking you out.  You need to have content in place that differentiates you from your competitors, provides the details of your product or service, and offers proof that you are the right choice.

Content Examples:

Focus on: differentiating yourself from your competitors, providing details about your product or service, outlining the benefits, and providing proof that you have a good product.

Below are three headline examples you could use if you were a surfboard shop:

Differentiate:  “The First Board Shop On Balmetto Beach”

Details:  “Custom Formed Boards For Big Wave Survers”

Benefits:  “Free Annual Maintenance Of All Custom Surfboards”

Proof:  “We have 200 Five Star Reviews”

Image Examples:

Photos of the original owner surfing big waves.  Photos of well known surfers using their boards. Photos of how the boards are manufactured.  Photos of the shop.  Images of reviews.  

Purchase Level Channels

Channel 31: PURCHASE | Sales & Lead Pages

About Channel 31: One could argue that your sales (lead) page is the single most important page in your entire digital presence.  You should be testing and testing and testing to ensure that you have the most effective content possible. ...

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Channel 33: PURCHASE | Video Apps

About Channel 33 Utilizing video to show the details, benefits, and proof of your product will be incredibly valuable, especially if placed on your sales page, or used as an ad.   Channel 33 Superstar:  Huda Beauty Founder:  Huda...

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Channel 34: PURCHASE | Social Media Platform Posts

About Channel 34 Did you know that you can sell directly on many social media platforms?  Two examples are Facebook (Meta) and YouTube.  You can also list your products in Google For Retail, so your products appear individually at the...

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Channel 35: PURCHASE | Paid Ads

About Channel 35 If you are set up properly, by the time a potential customer is ready to make a decision, they likely will have engaged with you at some point, whether it be on a social profile, your website,...

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Channel 36: PURCHASE | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 36 There are many businesses who make a large percentage of their sales at events. Whether you are a food truck, tie dye artist, winter festival or an Events Management Company, you may find that participating or hosting...

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Channel 37: PURCHASE | Partners

About Channel 37 If a trusted source recommends you, often the customer will have made their decision before even meeting you or landing on your website.  Selecting your partners carefully, and maintaining a strong relationship is important.  Making it easy...

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Channel 38: PURCHASE | Mobile Apps

About Channel 38 I have been asked many times about whether or not a business should have an app in addition to their website.  A website can be used on mobile phones, and is accessible to anyone who has an...

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Channel 39: PURCHASE | Metaverse

About Channel 39 Most digital worlds offer in-game upgrades such as stronger armor or a more deadly sword.  This is not what I am highlighting, however, in Channel 39.  Many of these worlds allow third parties to build branded experiences...

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