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ADVOCACY Level - Customer raises their status by sharing their purchase with others.
When you have built a trusted relationship with your customers, they will feel confident in recommending you.  They will want to be the one who made that good recommendation to their friend or colleague.  The key is to make it easy for them to share.  You should be sharing client stories, stories about the community around your business, and providing opportunities for referrals, and affiliate relationships if that works with your model.

Content Topic Examples:

Focus on: client recognition, affiliate relationships, rewards Below are headings you might use if you were a bakery: Client Recognition:  “Congratulations to Susie and Jamal On Their Wedding Anniversary!” Affiliate/Partner Relationships:  “Let Us Be Your Bakery!  Providing Baked Goods For Local Cafes” Rewards:  “Your Friend Gets A Free Pastry”

Image Examples:

Photographs/video of baked goods being served at client’s location, pastries on display in a cafe, and friends laughing together inside the bakery

The ADVOCACY Channels

Channel 50: ADVOCACY | Website -Community News

About Channel 50 Telling client stories either in case studies, or in articles, and then sharing the stories on social and in newsletters, will show how focused you are on the success of your customers.  It will also provide an...

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Channel 51: ADVOCACY | Sales & Lead Pages

About Channel 51 The most common way to utilize a sales or lead page as a method for brand advocacy is to offer a “bring your friend” type of offer.  This can be done by simply asking for a friend’s...

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Channel 53: ADVOCACY | Video Apps

About Channel 53 Videos have completely taken over much of the content that is shared on social media platforms.  When you create videos that either make your clients or customers look really good or smart, they will want to share...

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Channel 54: ADVOCACY | Social Media Posts

I would like to repeat a Russel Bronson quote that I gave to you earlier in the book.  He says, “When we’re looking at any opportunity, we have to decide if it will make us appear smarter, happier, more stylish,...

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Channel 55: ADVOCACY | Paid Ads

About Channel 55 The most obvious (and fun) way to get your customers to advertise for you is through branded merchandise.  With the wide range of options for printing on every type of object you can imagine, creating a fun...

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Channel 56: ADVOCACY | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 56 Holding events for customers and partners in which they can bring others will strengthen your brand, and increase the size of your loyal community.   Channel 56 Superstar:  Girls Who Code Founder:  Reshma Saujani Overview:  Girls...

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Channel 57: ADVOCACY | Partners

About Channel 57 Working with Partners to provide additional value to your customers can be very effective.  You can offer discounted services to partner organizations to your customers, and earn affiliate rewards.  Another way to work with partners to expand...

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Channel 58: ADVOCACY | Mobile Apps

About Channel 58 One of the benefits of an app is that it is attached to a device. That device is usually a phone, which means that the app then has access to the entire book of contacts, plus potential...

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Channel 59: ADVOCACY | Metaverse

About Channel 59 A literal explosion of virtual gaming that allows you to play live with complete strangers has changed the way that a large part of the population of young people, especially boys, make friends and spend their time.  ...

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