The AWARENESS Level Channels

The Customer Journey - Meet Jasmine

Lead engineer Jasmine, is working too much, and has become aware that she needs to start exercising.  The problem is that she doesn’t feel like getting up in the morning.  She wishes though that she was fit again!

The Customer Journey & Lead Funnel

About The Awareness Level

AWARENESS Level - Customer becomes aware of a problem and a desire.

In the Awareness Level, your future customer is becoming aware of their problem, their desire, and they are imagining their future selves.  In our story above, lead engineer Jasmine has realized that she is working too much, and is needing to exercise.

The way search engines see it, people who are in the awareness category are just learning about their problem and are exploring possible solutions or answers.  They may not be aware of you, and likely have not visited your website, or engaged with your social media.  They may have visited your competitor’s content, or have done searches around the subjects that you have content about.  

Focus on your customer’s problem, their desire, and their future self if their desire is fulfilled or their problem solved.

Article Title Examples: 

Problem:  “How To Eliminate Yellow Spots In Your Lawn”

Desire:  “10 Tips For Maintaining A Green Lawn”

Future Self:  “Luxury Furnishings For Your Back Yard Retreat”

Photo Examples: 

Instead of showing images of the problem, show the desire and future self.  Examples are beautiful wedding photos, lounging on the beach in Positano, first sip of coffee, view from mountaintop, happy family.

The AWARENESS Channels

Channel 13: AWARENESS | Video Apps

High-end professional video production can be costly, so if you are having budget constraints, we recommend reserving high-end video for customers further along in the journey so that you get...

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Channel 15: AWARENESS | Paid Ads

Digital ads for customers who are in the “AWARENESS” level of their journey are, from a technical perspective, likely shown to people who have not previously interacted with your brand...

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Channel 17: AWARENESS | Partners

About Channel 17 Carefully selected partners are incredibly valuable for creating awareness of your brand, because they already have an audience.  Partners will most likely be paid, or you may...

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Channel 19: AWARENESS | Metaverse

About Channel 19 We consider that there is just ONE Metaverse, which includes all virtual worlds and games. The term “Metaverse” was coined in one of my favorite books, “Snowcrash”...

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