The Periodic Table Of Digital Marketing Elements


AWARENESS Level - Customer becomes aware of a problem and a desire.

Channel 10: AWARENESS | Website: Blog Articles

Channel 10 represents long-form content such as blog articles and podcasts that you have published on assets that preferably you own, such as your website.  This form of content is primarily used for long-term organic discovery on search engines, and for sharing and publishing on other channels.  The content will [...READ MORE]

Channel 11: AWARENESS | Sales & Lead Pages

Channel 11 is not typically relevant for people who are just in the early stage of becoming aware of their problem or desire. When people are in the early stages of awareness, they are not yet ready to be sold something, as they are still learning about their problem, and [...READ MORE]

Channel 12: AWARENESS | Email, Newsletters & Text Messaging

Typically you do not have the email address of these people. If you did, they would be in a different level, such as “CONSIDERATION” or “PURCHASE.” If you buy an email list, tread carefully. Sending unsolicited emails to a large number of addresses can result in your domain being put [...READ MORE]

Channel 13: AWARENESS | Video Apps

High-end professional video production can be costly, so if you are having budget constraints, we recommend reserving high-end video for customers further along in the journey so that you get a higher ROI. However, if you do have the budget for a high-end production, the subject should focus on the [...READ MORE]

Channel 14: AWARENESS | Social Media Platform Posts

About Channel 14 Being seen on social media feeds organically is now one of the most common ways for a business to be discovered.  Whether it is in a TikTok feed, an Instagram feed, or some other platform, getting found will require a strategic use of hashtags, keywords, and content [...READ MORE]

Channel 15: AWARENESS | Paid Ads

Digital ads for customers who are in the “AWARENESS” level of their journey are, from a technical perspective, likely shown to people who have not previously interacted with your brand on the platform hosting the ads.  There are different digital ads that you can use to reach the people who [...READ MORE]

Channel 16: AWARENESS | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 16 Participating in events is a great way to gain brand awareness, especially if the event is with other businesses in your general field.  Participants will likely be ideal customers.  Events could include Trade Shows, Expos, being a guest speaker, networking events, and other industry focused events.  Choosing [...READ MORE]

Channel 17: AWARENESS | Partners

About Channel 17 Carefully selected partners are incredibly valuable for creating awareness of your brand, because they already have an audience.  Partners will most likely be paid, or you may have an affiliate or equal benefit agreement with them.  If creating content is a struggle for you, working with partners [...READ MORE]

Channel 18: AWARENESS | Mobile Apps

About Channel 18 Apps are typically not used for creating awareness of other apps unless that app is owned by the same company.  However, In-App ads served by Google are widely used.  For example, I use the Tides app to learn when the tide is going in or out when [...READ MORE]

Channel 19: AWARENESS | Metaverse

About Channel 19 We consider that there is just ONE Metaverse, which includes all virtual worlds and games. The term “Metaverse” was coined in one of my favorite books, “Snowcrash” written by Neal Stephenson in which a virtual world accessed through goggles was an escape from the economic collapse.  The [...READ MORE]


CONSIDERATION LEVEL - Customer is looking at possible options

Channel 20: CONSIDERATION | Website: Focused Blog Articles & Subject Pages

Appearing in searches for potential customers in the consideration phase will mean identifying specific searches that they may be making such as “the best X” or “X near me”.  They have identified what the probable solution is, and they want to find the one that is right for them.  You [...READ MORE]

Channel 21: CONSIDERATION | Sales & Lead Pages

If you present your pitch too early in the customer’s journey, they may become annoyed, and abandon you.  You may have a long-form sales page, in which case you would have the consideration content first, and the offer later on the page.  However, if the lead time to a sale [...READ MORE]

Channel 22: CONSIDERATION | Email, Newsletters & Text Messaging

About Channel 22 If you have been able to collect an email address or contact information this early in the customer journey, then you have an opportunity to reach out to them.  It is important to distinguish where in the journey a customer was when they provided their contact information, [...READ MORE]

Channel 23: CONSIDERATION | Video Apps

Professionally Produced Video:  As mentioned above, professional video can be costly, so reserving its use for customers closer to making a decision is recommended so that you maximize your ROI.  The Consideration level is an excellent place to start.  Because you are going to use the appropriate script, hashtags and [...READ MORE]

Channel 24: CONSIDERATION | Social Media Platform Posts

About Channel 24 If you plan to be active on social media, then one of your main goals should be to get people to follow you on the social channels that are relevant for your business…the channels where your target customers spend their time.  If they follow you on those [...READ MORE]

Channel 25: CONSIDERATION | Paid Ads

If your customer is in the consideration phase, they are aware of their problem, and are beginning to look at options that will solve that problem.  Algorithms know what searches and exploration people are doing around the periphery of your or your competitors. If it is a “retargeting ad”, it [...READ MORE]

Channel 26: CONSIDERATION | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 26 People in the consideration level of their journey are wanting to be educated, see their options, and are looking for a level of quality that matches their own brand and budget.  At a live event you need to be ready to talk to anyone on any level.  [...READ MORE]

Channel 27: CONSIDERATION | Partners

About Channel 27 Partners are important all along the customer journey.  The type of referral partner that will be valuable to you in the CONSIDERATION Level will be a partner who is an expert in your industry, and will recommend you specifically as a resource.  One example is that a [...READ MORE]

Channel 28: CONSIDERATION | Mobile Apps

About Channel 28 Many brands have begun using apps to entice people to engage with their brand.  Often there is a free set of features that are available on apps, and then there are upgrades available.  Offering a free trial or even a completely free set of features is a [...READ MORE]


About Channel 29 Having presence anywhere in the Metaverse shows that you are on the cutting edge of technology, and that being out and ahead of everyone is a part of your brand story.  Having an interactive way for potential customers to engage with your brand, products, and services before [...READ MORE]

Purchase Level

PURCHASE LEVEL - Customer is examining details and then making a decision.

Channel 30: PURCHASE | Website: Detailed About & Service/Product Pages

About Channel 30 Channel 30 includes all of your “About” content.  Your portfolio, story, testimonials, case studies, team, and product lists.  This is the information that your customer may wish to examine before making a final decision. Channel 30 content establishes credibility and gives assurance that you will provide excellent [...READ MORE]

Channel 31: PURCHASE | Sales & Lead Pages

About Channel 31: One could argue that your sales (lead) page is the single most important page in your entire digital presence.  You should be testing and testing and testing to ensure that you have the most effective content possible.  You may need separate sales pages for different audiences, or [...READ MORE]

Channel 32: PURCHASE | Email, Newsletters & Text Messaging

About Channel 32 When you have the email address of your potential customer, you can entice them directly to a purchase.  Having an email drip campaign that is not pushy, but that is helpfully guiding your customer on their journey will establish a dialog, and show that you have put [...READ MORE]

Channel 33: PURCHASE | Video Apps

About Channel 33 Utilizing video to show the details, benefits, and proof of your product will be incredibly valuable, especially if placed on your sales page, or used as an ad.   Channel 33 Superstar:  Huda Beauty Founder:  Huda Kattan Overview:  Huda Beauty is a skincare and makeup company. [...READ MORE]

Channel 34: PURCHASE | Social Media Platform Posts

About Channel 34 Did you know that you can sell directly on many social media platforms?  Two examples are Facebook (Meta) and YouTube.  You can also list your products in Google For Retail, so your products appear individually at the top of search results.  As platforms begin to incorporate shops, [...READ MORE]

Channel 35: PURCHASE | Paid Ads

About Channel 35 If you are set up properly, by the time a potential customer is ready to make a decision, they likely will have engaged with you at some point, whether it be on a social profile, your website, or via a form or email.  There are three types [...READ MORE]

Channel 36: PURCHASE | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 36 There are many businesses who make a large percentage of their sales at events. Whether you are a food truck, tie dye artist, winter festival or an Events Management Company, you may find that participating or hosting events is your top source of income. If selling your [...READ MORE]

Channel 37: PURCHASE | Partners

About Channel 37 If a trusted source recommends you, often the customer will have made their decision before even meeting you or landing on your website.  Selecting your partners carefully, and maintaining a strong relationship is important.  Making it easy for them to refer you, and also collect rewards, whether [...READ MORE]

Channel 38: PURCHASE | Mobile Apps

About Channel 38 I have been asked many times about whether or not a business should have an app in addition to their website.  A website can be used on mobile phones, and is accessible to anyone who has an internet connection.  A website also integrates with all kinds of [...READ MORE]

Channel 39: PURCHASE | Metaverse

About Channel 39 Most digital worlds offer in-game upgrades such as stronger armor or a more deadly sword.  This is not what I am highlighting, however, in Channel 39.  Many of these worlds allow third parties to build branded experiences and to sell digital products using a currency that is [...READ MORE]


LOYALTY LEVEL - Customer seeks internal and external validation of their purchase.

Channel 40: LOYALTY | Website: How-To-Use, Support + News Articles

About Channel 40 After your customer makes a purchase from you, they may need support with using your service or product.  Channel 40 includes all of your instructional and support material. It also includes news articles that are relevant to your customers that will help them feel that you are [...READ MORE]

Channel 41: LOYALTY | Sales & Lead Pages

About Channel 41 For most businesses, the lifelong value of a customer is much higher than that first purchase.  It can be ten times higher and even more.  Creating an experience just for existing customers will make them feel valued, and shows that you are in service of their needs.   [...READ MORE]

Channel 42: LOYALTY | Email, Newsletters & Text Messaging

About Channel 42 Email is still a very successful way to communicate with customers.  As long as you are not being annoying, and are showing that you are focusing on serving, you will continue to have a good response through your email list.   Channel 42 Superstar:  Nellie King Solomon [...READ MORE]

Channel 43: LOYALTY | Video Apps

About Channel 43 We are in such a visual and video-centric time, that it will be incredibly important for you to be creating sharable video for your existing audience.  It does not need to be highly produced.  Instead it can be done with a mobile phone, social media style.  Sometimes [...READ MORE]

Channel 44: LOYALTY | Website Pages & Blog Articles

About Channel 44 Your customers will likely be subscribed to your social profiles, so posting offers, insider info and news that will automatically appear on their feed will help maintain a connection with them, and continue building trust that you are a brand that they want to be associated with. [...READ MORE]

Channel 45: LOYALTY | Paid Ads

About Channel 45 Because you already have multiple communication channels that you can use to reach your customers, you do not need to invest in ads for already existing customers.  You may wish to have a retargeting ad that is being shown to an upload of your email list, with [...READ MORE]

Channel 46: LOYALTY | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 46 Rewarding customers with special events can’t be understated.  The type of event will, of course, depend completely on your unique company, but providing them with an opportunity to be your guest will generate an incredible amount of goodwill.   Channel 46 Superstar:  Dreamforce (Salesforce) Founder:  Marc [...READ MORE]

Channel 47: LOYALTY | Partners

About Channel 47 There may be instances where your partners will assist in sharing news and special offers.  However, you may not want them to be creating and maintaining your relationship with your clients.  You want to be sure that relationship belongs to you, and you alone.   Channel 47 [...READ MORE]

Channel 48: LOYALTY | Mobile Apps

About Channel 48 Many businesses find that creating an app for their customers allows them to provide frequent interaction with their community, and additional services not otherwise possible.  While some businesses ARE an app, such as Uber, many others have a full suite of services, and then provide a mobile [...READ MORE]

Channel 49: LOYALTY | Metaverse

About Channel 49 The jury is still out as to how virtual worlds will or will not become a part of our everyday lives or entertainment.  Currently half of the people in the Metaverse are under the age of 18.  What this means is that if a brand has decided [...READ MORE]


ADVOCACY Level - Customer raises their status by sharing their purchase with others.

Channel 50: ADVOCACY | Website -Community News

About Channel 50 Telling client stories either in case studies, or in articles, and then sharing the stories on social and in newsletters, will show how focused you are on the success of your customers.  It will also provide an easy way for them to share their success with you [...READ MORE]

Channel 51: ADVOCACY | Sales & Lead Pages

About Channel 51 The most common way to utilize a sales or lead page as a method for brand advocacy is to offer a “bring your friend” type of offer.  This can be done by simply asking for a friend’s email address, or asking for permission to import an entire [...READ MORE]

Channel 52: ADVOCACY | Email, Newsletters & Text Messaging

About Channel 52 Email will be an important channel for ongoing communication with your existing customers.  It is how you will tell them about new products, and also special offers.  You can also tell them about rewards they can get for referring friends.   The phrasing of these rewards should be [...READ MORE]

Channel 53: ADVOCACY | Video Apps

About Channel 53 Videos have completely taken over much of the content that is shared on social media platforms.  When you create videos that either make your clients or customers look really good or smart, they will want to share them.    Additionally, publishing video after an event is also [...READ MORE]

Channel 54: ADVOCACY | Social Media Posts

I would like to repeat a Russel Bronson quote that I gave to you earlier in the book.  He says, “When we’re looking at any opportunity, we have to decide if it will make us appear smarter, happier, more stylish, more wealthy, more powerful, or more attractive. All of these [...READ MORE]

Channel 55: ADVOCACY | Paid Ads

About Channel 55 The most obvious (and fun) way to get your customers to advertise for you is through branded merchandise.  With the wide range of options for printing on every type of object you can imagine, creating a fun experience for your customers with branded merchandise will give you [...READ MORE]

Channel 56: ADVOCACY | Events Live & Virtual

About Channel 56 Holding events for customers and partners in which they can bring others will strengthen your brand, and increase the size of your loyal community.   Channel 56 Superstar:  Girls Who Code Founder:  Reshma Saujani Overview:  Girls Who Code is an organization that teaches young girls how [...READ MORE]

Channel 57: ADVOCACY | Partners

About Channel 57 Working with Partners to provide additional value to your customers can be very effective.  You can offer discounted services to partner organizations to your customers, and earn affiliate rewards.  Another way to work with partners to expand the community around your brand is to partner with influencers [...READ MORE]

Channel 58: ADVOCACY | Mobile Apps

About Channel 58 One of the benefits of an app is that it is attached to a device. That device is usually a phone, which means that the app then has access to the entire book of contacts, plus potential to connect with any other app installed on the phone.  [...READ MORE]

Channel 59: ADVOCACY | Metaverse

About Channel 59 A literal explosion of virtual gaming that allows you to play live with complete strangers has changed the way that a large part of the population of young people, especially boys, make friends and spend their time.   The individual games, of course, use “invites” to turn their [...READ MORE]