Tools & Resources

Copywriting  Tools

ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence Copywriter


Keyword  Tools

Answer The Public – Learn what questions people are asking about your industry

Uber Suggest – Neil Patel Keyword Tool – Keyword Tool Website

Keywords Everywhere – Chrome Browser Plug-in

Hashtags – hashtag lookup & generator tool – hashtag generator– hashtag generating app

Ad Copy Generator

Unleash your ads with a formula created
by The World’s Greatest Copywriter. Generate starter ad copy for hot, cold, and warm audiences based on Eugene Schwartz’s quote.

“If your prospect is aware of your product, and has realized that it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product (HOT LEAD). If he is not aware of your product but only has the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire (WARM LEAD). If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystalizes it into a specific need (COLD LEAD).”

Ad Spend Calculator

Using standard conversion rates, calculate what you may need to spend on ads to achieve your sales goals.  Fill out the form, and you will receive a document sharing the results.  The document shows you a range of what you may need to spend. 

You may find that if your per-click cost is high, you could spend more on ads than you will receive in sales.  This means rethinking your strategy.

Ad Design Template – Photoshop

Social media platforms use all different sizes.  Trying to get your design elements to work on these different size files can be time consuming.  This Photoshop file contains the ad sizes for social media posts and ads including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Tiktok

We recommend using the “Clipping Mask” feature to size your image.

Customer Relationship Manager

The HubSpot CRM is a “must have” for your website and digital marketing.  The free version provides many powerful tools for creating forms on your website, and communication workflows.

  • Maintain your list of contacts
  • Send emails to lists
  • Keep track of interactions
  • Collect information through forms on your website
  • Appointment Setter