Group Zoom Playbook Sessions

We will use the BASE3 Method to create your digital marketing playbook.  Your Digital Playbook acts like a brand guide.  It will contain guidelines to follow or that you can share with your marketing team.  

Over the period of four sessions, we will meet as a group once per week for one hour. 

Together with your fellow students you will create your digital marketing playbook by applying the Three Certainties of Digital Marketing.  

To create your playbook, we will:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Segment your audience
  • Map out your customer’s journey
  • Identify content themes and topics
  • Create a keyword and hash tag list
  • Plan two digital marketing campaigns

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Session 1

Define your business goals

Utilizing Lean Canvas, we will examine the problems that you solve, your ideal customers, and ultimately, craft your business goals.

Session 2

Segment your audience

We will segment your audience and create messaging that is unique to their needs, and based on where they are on their journey.

Session 3

Customer Journey

Using your customer journey funnel, we will identify touchpoints where your customer interacts with your brand to ensure that you have the right content and tools in place to engage with them.

Session 4

Create campaigns

Anchored in your business goals, we strategize two campaigns to meet your potential customers at critical touchpoints with messaging that draws them to your brand.

what attendees say

“You nailed it!”

“I liked doing the work in real time”

“Much, much appreciated and overdue for us!”

“Hearing other people’s examples, the way you organized it by sending out the shared folders was very helpful.”