Welcome to the future of Digital Marketing

Using logic to align the customer journey with your content through algorithms, plus a communication channel catalog for documentation & production management.

Position content at every touchpoint for a Digital Blitz.

The definition of digital marketing:
Digital Marketing is the customer’s journey, aided by algorithms, and supported by your outreach.

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Digital Blitz

When you surround your customer’s entire buying journey with digital touchpoints, that is a “Digital Blitz”.

Learn how to leverage the customer journey, algorithms, and your outreach to create a loyal community around your brand. 


BASE3 Posters For Planning


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The BASE3 Digital Marketing Framework

Know exactly what digital marketing configuration will generate leads and grow your business 

Promoting your business today requires using a combination of multiple digital channels including your website, paid ads, multiple social media platforms, email, texting, video, apps, and now even the metaverse and virtual worlds.  Until now there has not been a method for identifying which of these channels is best for your business, and how to effectively combine them.

Anyone can be at ease with digital marketing because done right, it should be aligned with a task that you do yourself every day hundreds of times: go through the process of making a decision.

The BASE3 Method is comprised of: The Three Certainties of Digital Marketing, a chart called The Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Elements, and the Communication Channel numbering system illustrated on the chart which can be used for documentation and to facilitate communication between your team members.

Once you fully embrace the idea that your marketing activities should align with your customer’s decision making process, your marketing tactics will become intuitive. You will simply be creating a path for your customers that is already familiar to you.

The Human Decision-Making Process

Your customer is the hero of their journey.  Meet a young engineer as she searches for a workout plan.

The Customer Journey - Meet Jasmine
Jasmine is leading a project to integrate Ai into a flight simulator.
AWARENESS Level - Customer becomes aware of a problem and a desire.
She has been working long hours, and wishes she would work out more.
CONSIDERATION LEVEL - Customer is looking at possible options
She considers options and is reminded of childhood joy hula hooping with her dad.
PURCHASE LEVEL - Customer is examining details and then making a decision.
Jasmine looks at hula hoops for adults and finds many options for getting fit.
LOYALTY LEVEL - Customer seeks internal and external validation of their purchase.
She buys one and shows her friends, who think it looks like a lot of fun.
ADVOCACY Level - Customer raises their status by sharing their purchase with others.
Her friends buy hoops and they join hula hoop groups in the park.

“We use the BASE3 Method”

Use BASE3 for your marketing strategy discussions & documentation.